Team Update

Hello and good day to everyone.  We have a couple of things going that we’d like to give you a heads-up about.  First, we have two investigations coming up, both in local, private residences.  We can’t give any information about the cases just yet, as we don’t want to risk influencing Michele’s readings in any way.  Second, the weather is slowly but steadily starting to improve, and that means we can finally start making plans to get an investigation going at Baker Park.  It also means that the Canine Ghost Detection testing that was started last year with Holly’s dog, Glimmer, can get underway again.  She is now 19 months old and is starting to become calmer when she’s in new environments.  This is very good, as the calmer she is, the better she’s able to tune in to her surroundings.

In other news, we are actively seeking committed, dedicated people to join our team.  Potential applicants must meet the following criteria.

Please note: Being a member of the Wolf Paranormal Investigations team is not a paid position.  No team member gets paid to do what we do.  We all work out of pocket.

Our Requirements:

1.  You must live in or within a 10km radius of Calgary;

2.  You must have your own, reliable transportation;

3.  You must be 18 years of age or older – no exceptions;

4.  You must be punctual and reliable;

5.  You must be willing to contribute in some way – coffee for the team, a few bucks for gas money, etc. – if you are carpooling with another team member to go to a location.

Experience is not necessary, but applicants with at least some investigative experience will be given first priority when we interview.

If you are interested in joining us and you can meet our criteria, please visit our website and fill out the Membership Application form, located on the Team page.

Thanks for visiting, folks. Have a great day!


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