Changing of the Guard

It is with a mixture of sadness and joy that we inform our fans, followers, and subscribers that Robyn – our webmaster, lead investigator, and my right-hand woman for over a year – is leaving us in a few weeks to begin a new chapter of her life – and a new chapter of Wolf Paranormal Investigations – in British Columbia.  Over the past two months, the entire team has been trying to adjust to this proverbial “changing of the guard” as new cases, new-member interviews, and new investigations come in.

Since coming on board a year ago, Robyn has single-handedly taken Wolf Paranormal from almost total obscurity to being the first choice of teams to contact when unexplained events are occurring.  She has invested countless hours of hard, painstaking work and shouldered most of the financial burden involved to rebuild our website from the ground up and make team products (e.g. t-shirts) available to the public via monetary gifts.  And, she has encouraged and motivated and pushed all of us to learn, grow, and become better investigators all the way around.

Over the past year, Robyn has made tremendous sacrifices for this team. She has changed her own plans to attend interviews and investigations, she has taken time away from other important things to spend countless hours doing evidence review, and so much more.  Robyn has been the driving force behind our jump into the spotlight and the success we have been enjoying and appreciating for the past year.

Although she is moving to a different province, however, Robyn is still very much a part of this team.  She is still taking care of the website and making sure product is available, she will still be helping with evidence review, and team meetings with her will be held via Skype, rather than in person.  And when we plan for our annual out-of-town, weekend-long investigations, she will be joining us.

Robyn’s absence is already being keenly felt, but we all support and encourage her as best we can, we extend our gratitude and appreciation to her for everything she has done and given over the past year, and we wish her only the very best as she embarks on this new adventure in her life.  In return, Robyn encourages us by saying, “I’m not leaving the team; you can’t get rid of me that easily. I’m just expanding it.”

We are going to miss you so very much, Robyn.  You have no idea…  But, we all understand that you have to do this, and why you have to do it, and we want you to know that we love you, that we’re all here for you no matter what, and that we’re all looking ahead to when we can meet up with you for another weekend round of kick-ass investigations in new locations.  Rock on, girlfriend; rock on!

2 thoughts on “Changing of the Guard

  1. WOW, a new chapter of Wolf Paranormal in B.C. I can see why you have mixed emotions. I know she has been an amazing member and good friend to you. I am sure you will really miss her… but your team is branching out so Congratulations on that!

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