Five Years and High Anxiety

Five years ago today, this blog was started. Wow.  How the time does fly when you’re having fun! And speaking of fun, we had some of that in our house last night, for about an hour.  It started just after midnight, when Glimmer woke up and started whining because she had to potty…

The heat has been intense here, and while we do take measures to keep things as cool as possible inside, it still gets quite hot in the main part of the house. Depending on how high the temperatures go, it can take until as late as 4am to cool things off. Last night, the house was incredibly hot. We had fans going at both the north and south ends, and all the windows were open to let in the cooling air. But our bedroom – which is where Glimmer’s kennel is – was still uncomfortably warm, and that, combined with her need to potty, was what woke Glimmer up.

I got her outside to do her business.  Then, because it was so nice and cool, I let her nose around the yard for a bit and cool down before bringing her back inside.  Once back inside, the plan was to give her a few minutes to calm down, and then put her back to bed. However, about a minute after being back inside, Glimmer suddenly became extremely agitated and nervous, sticking her nose high in the air, locked on a scent I wasn’t picking up on.  Her ears went up and forward in a state of high alert, and her tail went almost all the way down.  She became very clingy with me, pushing up against me as if seeking protection.  She also became quite vocal with me, “talking” to me in low, extended growls  and whines. I thought she had to potty again, so I took her back outside. She did not have to potty again, but her agitation continued, and when I tried to get her back in the house, she balked.  She has never done that.

When I was finally able to get her back in the house, Glimmer’s agitation level went up again, and she again tried to cling to me, making any movement on my part very difficult. I sat down on the living room couch, and she jumped up, curled herself into a ball, and laid as close as she could possibly get to me.  This strange behavior went on until about 2am, when I fell asleep.

For the first time in her life, Glimmer did not sleep in her kennel.  I tried to find a plausible explanation for her unusual behavior, but I was unable to find any cause.  She has never shown the kind of high anxiety and nervousness in the house that she showed last night.

At this time, I am deeming this as an isolated incident to be documented only.  No further investigation is planned.

4 thoughts on “Five Years and High Anxiety

    • Hey Axel! 🙂

      No, no wildlife, large or small. I don’t know what caused her to be so agitated; she’s still a bit jumpy today, too, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s going on with her. But I trust her. There’s a reason why she’s acting so strangely, so I’ll be keeping a very careful watch over things until whatever has got her going so badly either stops, or goes away.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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