Summer Ghosts and Investigations

Greetings, all.  It’s summer-time, and that means kids are out of school and many families are either gone for the summer, or they’re packing up every weekend and going camping.  Indeed, my husband and I recently returned from a four-day visit with team member Robyn, who recently moved to Lumby, BC, and the rest of the team is either away already, or they’ve planned to go away for at least a week.

While we were there, Robyn and I went on a ghost tour in Vernon.  The tour costs $10 per person, and takes about an hour and a half to complete.  The tour began and ended at the museum.  The tour guide – a tall man in his mid-30’s, wearing a black top hat and a tux and carrying a cane with a large skull head and vertebrae-like stalk – set a fairly quick walking pace, taking the group in a loose circle route and regaling us with historical stories about the places we stopped at.  He did tell us a few ghost stories, too.  Though I would have liked to have heard more ghost stories – it was a ghost tour, after all – it was still a fun event.  We did get some information that Robyn is going to be looking into further when she has the time.  Right now, her efforts are dedicated to taking care of things that need to be addressed in her new home before winter arrives.

In other news, we are planning a return investigation at the home of one of our previous clients.  They contacted me about some odd occurrences that have been taking place for the past couple of months, and I met with them before we left.  The investigation will be booked within the next couple of weeks. We’ll be sure to update you about it when it’s confirmed.

Have a great week, everyone, and thanks for sticking with us.  We really appreciate it!  🙂


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