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Hello!  We have a few things to tell you about, so let’s get to it.

First, we want to extend a warm welcome to our newest team member, Jill.  Jill brings to our team an open-minded skepticism about life after death, and a strong desire to find proof of its reality.  She has had several personal experiences with unexplained events throughout her life, and she wants very much to help others who are struggling to cope with similar experiences.  Jill also brings to the table a wonderful sense of humor and a great passion for learning as much as possible can about every aspect of the paranormal field.  Welcome aboard, Jill; we hope you enjoy the ride!  🙂

On Aug. 16, our other new member Christine, Jill, and Holly went to St. Mary’s Cemetery for a training investigation.   The weather was a bit muggy, and a thunderstorm was threatening, but the winds were fairly calm.  Jill, Chris, and Holly investigated the cemetery for just over an hour.  The mugginess brought out the mosquitoes, making the session challenging, especially while walking in the grassy areas.  They each experienced unusual sounds, such as disembodied voices that could not be attributed to any living people in the area, and footsteps coming from behind them.  Equipment used on this training investigation was a camera that shoots video, and two voice recorders; audio and video analysis is in progress.  Christine and Jill were provided with flash drives containing the audio files as part of their training.  Holly is waiting for them to complete their analysis so the second review can be conducted.

On Aug. 30, the team will be conducting a second investigation at a private residence we investigated in 2013.  The clients contacted us a few weeks ago and asked us to return.  Michele, our psychic medium, has requested that no information about this or any other case be made public in any way until after the investigation is completed. We agree with her reasoning that information she might pick up on psychically will be more likely to be authentic. We appreciate your understanding about this and hope you’ll stay tuned to see the results of our investigation.

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