Field Test #9: Private Residence

Good morning. Today is an important day in the Wolf Paranormal team.  Today, the canine ghost detection research I’ve been doing with Glimmer takes a big step forward, with a visit to a private residence.  The owners have three dogs, two of which have presented with uncharacteristic behaviors towards something the owners cannot identify or see themselves.  The first instance occurred in 2013 with the youngest dog; the second instance has been ongoing for several months, this year, and is affecting the middle dog – a normally well-balanced, happy, laid-back dog.  This dog has developed a sudden fear of certain areas of the home, and has become somewhat isolated from the other dogs and the owners because of his inability to go to those areas.

Last month, I went to the home to assess the dog, and to learn more from the owners about what kind of activity has been occurring. We have investigated this home before, and we know there is activity there.  Observing the dog’s behavior as the owners went about recreating for me the circumstances and conditions that seem to be trigger his uncharacteristic behavior, I saw that he did present with a great deal of fear and uncertainty in specific areas.  Concerned that perhaps he had somehow developed an unjustified phobia, I worked with him for about 30 minutes to help him get past it.  The effort was successful, and I encouraged the owners to continue working with him the same way, if he should become fearful again.

The owners have been working with the dog as I suggested, and until very recently, the dog seemed to be doing much better.  Then, a few weeks ago, he began having issues again, and the only way they seemed to be able to help him move forward was to put his leash on him and walk through the trouble areas with him.  Even more recently, even the leash has begun to lose its effectiveness.

On Aug. 30, new team member Christine and I investigated the home (results will be posted after full review has been completed and we have met with the owners of the home for the reveal).  Bringing Glimmer into the case makes sense, because it’s a dog that’s being negatively impacted by something his humans can’t identify or understand. Our hope is that Glimmer will be similarly affected, and thus provide validation not only for the human owners, but for the dog who’s suffering that fear.

The session will be filmed as well as audio recorded.  The results will posted after data analysis has been completed.

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