Case #8: Private Residence

On April 19, 2014,  team members Michele and Holly investigated a private residence.  The information was not posted here either before or after the investigation was concluded and the reveal had been conducted with the client.  We apologize for that.  However, we will be conducting a second investigation at the location very soon;  the write-up for the case will be posted as soon as the reveal with the client has been completed.

The initial claims made by the client are as follows:

—   objects moving on their own

—  hearing voices

— physical attacks on other residents living in the home, including animals

— loss of sleep

— uncharacteristic fighting between the clients

The client initially expressed concern that there is a demon in the home, and that it followed the client home from a friend’s house.  Analysis and review of the audio and video data gathered during the investigation yielded no results to support that concern.  Both Michele and Holly spoke with the client about possible options for cleansing the home, one of which was a sage cleanse.  The client opted to try that, so Michele offered a sage bundle and provided instructions for proper use.  The case was then closed.

Approximately one week ago, we received a call from the client, who was distraught and crying.  The client explained that they and a friend were upstairs, and the client came down to the main floor to turn off the light.  When the light was turned off, one of the client’s birds began to thrash about in an effort to get away from the cage; the client said this was not normal behavior, and that the bird was acting as though someone or something had frightened it.  The client went on to say that the bird managed to get out of the cage, but it landed on the floor when it tried to take flight.  The client reached down to pick the bird up, the bird again became very agitated and afraid, and flew away… straight into a wall.

According to the client, the friend also attempted to pick up the bird, but the bird would not allow contact.  The client said the bird was terrified and flying blindly.  When the client attempted to pick the bird up after it landed on the floor, a sensation of something dark and heavy touched the back of the client; at this point in the narrative, the client became quite distraught and began crying so hard that it was difficult to understand what was being said.

After calming the client down and gaining more information, it was decided that a second investigation would be conducted.  New team members Jill, Tim, and Christine will be brought into the location.  Results will be posted after review and analysis of gathered data has been completed and the reveal with the client has been conducted.

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