Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends, families, followers, and subscribers.  Holly, here, updating everyone on what’s been going on since our last investigation.

Work on the movie for the last investigation was temporarily halted due to issues with the movie editor, and then, the very recent loss of a beloved family member.

Several team members have been fighting illness.  Some – myself, included – have fallen ill with that really bad cold virus that’s been circulating.  Others have had to step back as their family situations have changed and they need to focus their time and energy on taking care of them.  As a result, no investigations are planned at this time.

However, while the team is currently in a state of waiting, I personally have been looking at our work to date to determine how we can improve and grow.  After long and careful consideration, the following changes are being implemented. Effective immediately:

1.  New Policy:  We reserve the right to request assistance if a location is two or more hours away. This is because most investigations are conducted at night, and getting behind the wheel after an investigation to make a long drive home is neither safe nor wise.

2.  New movie style:  Movies will be more like documentaries. People don’t want to wade through written background histories; the text is equivalent to commercials, and people don’t want to see that. They want to see the investigation.

3.  Resources:  We are actively seeking two experienced sketch artists and one experienced researcher.  Sketch artists will attend investigations in private residences and commercial buildings.  The researcher will investigate and provide as much archival data as possible for said locations.

PLEASE NOTE:  These positions are on a volunteer basis only.  No team member is paid for the work we do.

4.  Reveal Data:  After a reveal with a client has been conducted, the client will be included in the creation of the investigation movie.  Upon final approval and presentation to the public, they will receive a copy of the finished product.  Copies of the entire investigation are available for a donation of $10 per copy, which helps offset the cost of discs.

We would like to thank all of our friends, families, subscribers, and followers for continuing to stand by us and encourage us in our efforts.  Your support and encouragement is sincerely appreciated, and we look forward to going into the future with you.

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