Almost A Wrap

Good day, everyone.  We are very pleased to welcome our newest team member, Paul, to the Wolf Paranormal family.  Welcome aboard, Paul! We promise that when we don’t have you investigating with us, we’ll bore you to tears with audio and video analysis and review. 😀

Having said that, all of our investigator positions are now filled.  However, we are still seeking an experienced camera operator and an experienced researcher.  Please note that these positions are unpaid. Also note that, unless we need another investigator present, the successful applicants’ duties will be limited to camera operation and research.

In other news, Robyn is still working on building our BC chapter.  If you are interested in joining the BC chapter and you live in Vernon, Kelowna, or other nearby towns (applicants must live within 20-30 minutes of Lumby), please contact Robyn directly at to arrange an interview with her.

As we enter the holiday season, we would like to take a minute to remind everyone not to drink and drive.  This is a time of year when companies are throwing their annual Christmas parties, so if you are attending these parties, please either arrange for a designated driver, or call a cab.  Whatever you do, please DON’T DRIVE if you’ve been drinking.  Even one drink will make you unsafe behind the wheel.

That’s it for now, folks.  Have a great day, and thanks for following us!

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