Happy (Belated) New Year!

Please forgive our tardiness in keeping everyone updated since the last posting.  Everyone was busy preparing for the holiday season, and some investigators were dealing with serious life and health issues. Thankfully, everyone is up and running again, and we’re ready to go forward.

We have a lot of new things going on that we’re really excited about.  From new locations to new team members in the BC Chapter, we are very excited to be pushing full-steam ahead.  This new year is going to be amazing…

Canine Ghost Detection research will be resuming in the spring, when the weather is warmer and the dog’s feet aren’t at risk of getting too cold.  We now have a cameraman, so testing sessions can be properly filmed and more videos for this aspect of paranormal research can be posted to our YouTube channel.

We have an investigation coming up on Jan. 17.  Unlike most of our investigations, the location is a business, and because of liability concerns, we are investigating during business hours. More information on the location will be provided after the investigation is concluded.

Thanks to all of our friends, family, subscribers, and followers for sticking with us even when we don’t post for awhile.  We really appreciate your loyalty, and we look forward to sharing all of our adventures over the course of this brand new year.  Happy 2015!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) New Year!

  1. At the Edmonton International Airport ready to head home…. exhausted and glad it’s all over. early so just chillin’ for an hour or so…-26C this morining….BRRRRRRRRRR! Take me home!!!

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