Canine Detection Test #11

We received an unexpected opportunity, last night, for Glimmer to put her detection abilities to work. We were visiting friends, and in the course of conversation, they said they were experiencing some unpleasant events they couldn’t explain – one of which involved being “rushed” on the basement stairs by something unseen and nearly falling down the remaining stairs as a result.  Glimmer was immediately put to work, beginning with the basement area.

Glimmer showed no unusual responses on the way downstairs, but when she reached the final three steps to the very bottom, she balked and tried to go back upstairs. Her back hunched, her tail dropped down to almost between her legs, her ears went back, she began panting heavily, and she began to shake. No cause for this reaction could be found. It took several attempts to get her to the bottom and into the only empty room. Once inside the room, Glimmer’s body language became more relaxed, and after completing her investigation of the area, she got on the bed and laid down.

Upstairs, however, Glimmer presented unusual responses in the room of one of our friends’ relatives.  Just inside the doorway, Glimmer stood stock-still and stared intently at both the closet – which as no door – and the middle of the bed, approximately 7 feet to the right of the closet.  Without moving from where she stood, she cautiously extended her body forward to investigate, and she kept looking back and forth from the closet to the bed.  When she finally managed to enter the center of the room, she remained there, refusing to move forward or even sideways. At one point, something startled her, causing a very strong response in which her back hunched, her tail dropped to almost between her legs, she began panting heavily, and she began to shake a little.  She refused to go further into the room, and she continued staring intently at both the closet area and the middle of the bed.  Then, in a completely unexpected response, upon leaving the room, Glimmer presented a very strong compulsion to return to it.  This occurred four times, and each time, her reactions were the same:  She would not leave the center of the room, she stared intently at both the closet and the middle of the bed, and her body language exhibited nervousness through shaking, lowered tail, heavy panting, and laid-back ears.  After the fourth occurrence, and despite Glimmer’s strong compulsion to keep returning to the room, we ended the exercise and returned to our friends on the main floor of the home.

Upon our return – and before any results were revealed – the person who sleeps in the upstairs room revealed that they have had several unpleasant experiences in the same areas where Glimmer’s reactions were the most pronounced.  The person stated they have experienced feelings of being watched, a feeling of someone standing over them when they’re trying to sleep, and a general sense of uneasiness and fear.  At that point, our friends were told about Glimmer’s reactions to both the basement area and the room upstairs.

Both Glimmer’s detection abilities and our friends’ experiences were validated.  However, because it was unexpected, no cameras or voice recorders were present to record Glimmer’s responses.  In future, when we are in social situations, we will be ensuring that we have those things with us.

At this time, no team investigation has been booked, as our friends are in the process of packing in preparation for moving to a new home.

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