Case #010 – Private Residence

Date:  Aug. 30, 2014

Location: Private Residence

Claims:  objects being moved/thrown, pictures being turned down/turned around, animals acting fearful for no reason, sounds of a ball being bounced off a wall, hearing feet shuffling in the hall, feeling watched, hearing growling beside bed, mimicking of clients’ voices, clients hearing their names being called

Investigators:  Holly and Christine

This is an active case we have been monitoring since our first investigation in 2013.

The area on which the property sits has a rich history involving one of the early, prominent families of Calgary.  We have found no information indicating deaths in the home, but we have learned that the land on which the home is built, as well as a sizeable area of the surrounding land, may have been used as burial ground by the Blackfoot and other Indian tribes.  We are currently working on obtaining more information on that.  We believe that if the land did serve as burial ground, that could explain the ongoing activity in our clients’ home.

In the interests of reducing the risk of noise contamination, the clients volunteered to take their three dogs and leave their home for the night.  The tenant in the basement apartment also volunteered to leave for the evening for the same reason.

The investigation began on the main floor.  Before it began, all windows were closed and locked to reduce the sounds of outside street traffic.  The investigators spent a minimum of 20 minutes in each area of the residence, covering the living room, the “Panda Room” (the spare room), the back room, and the master bedroom.  During the investigation in the “Panda Room”, Holly saw two very large lights appear on the curtain covering the wall between the bed and the bottom of the window sill.  She described the lights as being “like lights from a large flashlight”.  Though she was sitting in a chair right next to the bed, Christine did not see the lights.  This event occurred twice.  Efforts to duplicate and explain the appearance of the lights were unsuccessful.  The lights did not reappear after the second incident.

During the investigation time in the “Panda Room”, both investigators noted that the outside traffic was unusually loud – as though the window was open. Having checked more than once that all the windows were closed and locked before beginning the investigation, both investigators knew the window could not be open.  When a bus went by, however, the sound was so loud that they decided to check the window yet again, to confirm that it was closed.  To their surprise, they found the window wide open.

To date, no explanation for this event has been found.  The clients had already left the home when Holly and Christine went through each room – including the bathroom – to close and lock the windows before starting the investigation.  After completing the task, they went through the entire home again, to make sure all the windows were closed and locked.  How the window in that room got unlocked and then opened when no one was in there remains a mystery.

The investigation of the main floor yielded some interesting results ranging from hearing what sounded like knocking, to feelings of being watched.  Several times, the investigators heard what sounded like shuffling in the hall between the kitchen and the Panda and master bedrooms.  Some sound and vocal anomalies were also captured.

The investigation of the basement apartment was shorter, as the investigators discovered a multitude of spider webs – several of which contained living spiders.  The claims of being touched were subsequently attributed to old webbing the investigators found dangling from the ceilings.  The claims of hearing odd noises were also debunked; the investigators found evidence of mice, as well as a detached ceiling fixture that allows mice to get between the floors.


This location continues to be monitored.  We are continuing our search for more information about the land surrounding the home and hope to find an explanation for the unusual events being experienced by our clients.  We extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our clients for their ongoing trust and support as we all work together to help them find answers.

Case status:  Open

Location status:  Active

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