Case #013 – Private Residence

Date:  May 9, 2015

Location:  Private residence

Claims:  Knocking on walls, sleep disruptions, nightmares, objects being moved and thrown, uncharacteristic behavior

Investigators:  Holly, Christine, Paul, Shae

Remote Reading by Michele (edited to exclude specifics that may give away the location)

“Suicide by a female within the house in the washroom tub.  When the people of the home gather and talk, they can hear another conversation going on. Someone yells out, “I’m here!” in a male voice. House has had, or has a blessing done, or sage burning. Sounds associated with this investigation are: [a] banging – like a gate against a fence; [b] scratching – may be mice under stairs; [c] shuffling – like cleaning out a closet of a back room.  Something about a cat. Heaviness felt that makes it hard to breathe.  House feels like a business. Feels like the people there are not connected to each other – like there’s a distance or a separation.”

Due to restrictions placed on us by the client, we are unable to disclose details about the location, the historical background of the area, or details about the investigation.  All we can say is that our results were inconclusive, and the case has been closed.  We appreciate your understanding.

Case status:  closed

Location status: inconclusive

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