Canine Detection Test #12

Date:  July 16, 2015

Location:  St. Mary’s Cemetery, Calgary

Total Testing Time:  1 hour

Weather:  12C. Winds NNW at approx. 20 km/h gusting at times to approx. 25 km/h

Other conditions:  mosquitoes, profusion of rabbits, various birds, vehicle traffic

Assistant:  Megan

Pioneer Section

We arrived at the cemetery at approximately 8:40pm.  We began the field test in the Pioneer section of the cemetery at 8:50pm.  This section contains the sites of the city’s earliest residents, as well as the grave-sites of many who lost their lives to tuberculosis.  The grounds were in surprisingly good condition; the grass appeared to have been tended recently, and there were several large patches of what we believe are re-seeding areas – areas of dead grass that have been removed, re-soiled, and re-seeded with new grass.  There was also a large group of approximately a dozen wild cottontail rabbits near the middle of the Pioneer section. At this time, there were no other living people anywhere on the grounds, nor were there any living people outside in the private-residence areas outside of the cemetery grounds.

Glimmer was given the command to “search” and to “find the people.”  No reactions of any kind occurred until she spotted the congregation of rabbits in the middle of the Pioneer section. Upon seeing them, she immediately began to pull towards them.  She wanted to make their acquaintance.  We redirected our investigation back towards the entrance of the section, and Glimmer began to move towards a large monument at the west edge of the cemetery, in front of a fence that separates it from a large ravine.  At this monument, Megan found burned candles and a handmade necklace with what appeared to be a Virgin Mary charm attached to it.  Glimmer did not like the large monument; she actively avoided it. However, she gave no indication of dislike or discomfort around the surrounding areas.

As we continued to move towards the center of the Pioneer section, Megan asked if this cemetery was the one that had been so badly vandalized.  While giving an affirmative response and commenting that it was why the cemeteries were all closed on Halloween, the Mel Meter suddenly spiked to 4.5mG (milligauss).  No immediate cause for this could be found, and efforts to recreate the spike failed.  As we continued moving towards the center of the section, we did get several more, smaller EMF spikes. However, no EVP was captured to validate them.

We started noticing more and more rabbits. Glimmer became distracted by them, focusing her attention on trying to meet and smell them.  We decided to end the session in the Pioneer section and move to the south section.

South Section

Entering this section of the cemetery, we did notice a few rabbits at the first rows of headstones.  Those were the only ones we found during the remainder of the field test.

Approximately 70 feet south of the large cross we’d examined earlier, the Mel Meter suddenly spiked to 0.5mG.  We were not near the power lines, which are the very south end of the cemetery, so we could not account for the spike.  We did feel as though we were being paced by someone behind us, but there were no living people present.  We did notice that a vehicle had arrived and was parked very close by the large cross, but the vehicle owner was nowhere in sight, either in our section, or in the Pioneer section.

A few minutes after the EMF spike, Glimmer came to a sudden stop at a headstone.  The Mel Meter showed a reading of 0.4mG.  Glimmer was very interested in the grave-site; she was sniffing the stone and the ground immediately around it.  We found no debris or anything that would have captured Glimmer’s interest. The behavior is not being deemed as unusual, though, because there were rabbits in the area; it is very possible there was urine there and that’s what she was picking up on.

Glimmer no sooner finished investigating the headstone, when she had to potty.  I was trying to get a waste bag out of her back-pack when she was finished, and she kept squirming around. I told her “no”, and immediately afterward, the voice recorder captured a very clear male voice parroting me by saying “no!”.  At the time this was captured, no living people were present anywhere in the cemetery, and no living people were outside of the residences outside the cemetery.

audio anomaly:  “no!”  Click to listen

We resumed the walk back to the main gates, and found a garbage can where the waste bag could be dropped.  Then, we decided to walk south again, towards the back of the cemetery. Almost immediately after we resumed walking, the Mel Meter spiked to 1.6mG, then slowly dropped back to zero.  We asked if someone was with us, and Megan invited whomever might be present to come and hang out with us.  At that moment, the voice recorder captured a female voice saying something to the effect of, “Chuck was hanging out.”  Again, there were no living people present anywhere, either inside the cemetery, or in the residential homes outside the cemetery.

audio anomaly: “Chuck was hanging out” (?)  Click to listen

040   We began walking north, back towards the main gates, so the waste bag could be dropped off in the garbage bin.  As we moved across the grass, near the middle of the section, the Mel Meter began to spike.  We discovered a wreath-like structure made of tree twigs sitting on top of a weathered wooden plank behind a stone headstone.  The wreath was in front of a triangular structure made of weathered, thin wooden planks.  Across the bottom piece of the triangle, the name of the deceased was burned into the wood.  The Mel Meter registered 0.6mG at this structure, then slowly dropped down to zero. We tried to recreate the fluctuation, but failed.  We checked nearby headstones and trees to see if we could get readings, but again, we failed.  We then returned to the wreath-like structure to take a reading, and the Mel Meter remained at zero.  There were no further EMF fluctuations, and no EVP was captured to validate the initial spike.

We had just started moving again, when suddenly, Glimmer came to a dead stop and stared intently to the southwest.  There were no living animals – wild or domestic – and no living humans anywhere.  Glimmer stood at alert, her tail straight out, ears up and forward, snout extended, and legs ramrod-straight.  We started to comment on the behavior, and without any explanation – but still seeming to stare at something we couldn’t see – Glimmer suddenly went into a sit position.  She remained this way for several seconds, her focus very intent, and then, she got up and resumed her investigation of the area around us.

As we continued walking towards the south end of the section, we began feeling like someone was behind us.  There were no EMF fluctuations to validate the sensations we were experiencing, Glimmer was not presenting any unusual behavioral responses, and no EVP was captured on the voice recorder.

At the far south end of the section, the Mel Meter began spiking.  We attributed the spikes to the power lines, which run east-west at that end of the cemetery.  We decided at that point to wrap the field test, and we began walking back to the main gates.  As we walked, Glimmer became very intent on smelling the grass.  We were talking about how she was probably trying to pick up on the scent of the rabbits again.  No other living people were present either inside or outside of the cemetery.  The owner of the vehicle we’d seen earlier had still not made an appearance.  The temperature was down to approximately 9C, and though the wind has calmed significantly, there was still a slight breeze that made us feel sniffly and chilly.  We were encouraging contact with any spirits who might be present, and the voice recorder picked up two voices – one high male voice saying “smash”, followed almost immediately by a deeper male voice saying “people”.  We were still the only living people present either in or outside of the cemetery.  However, there were no EMF fluctuations to validate these vocal anomalies, and Glimmer did not present any unusual behavioral responses.  We were approximately 10 feet away from the car when the owner of the other vehicle showed up…

audio anomaly:  “smash… people”:  Click to listen


While Glimmer did present a couple of unusual responses, we cannot say for certain that she was responding to spirit energy.  Because a dog’s sight is far greater than a human’s, it is possible that she may have spotted something that was too far away for us to see.  It is also possible that she may have caught the scent of something other than a rabbit – a coyote, perhaps.  Coyotes are known for visiting these and other cemetery grounds for hunting purposes.

However, taking these things into account, we also cannot explain the EMF spikes, nor the vocal anomalies captured by the voice recorder.  Why Glimmer did not present any verifiable, unusual behaviors when these captures occurred is unknown at this time.  A return visit in the very near future is required, to test whether Glimmer will have the same responses, and to attempt to capture vocal or visual anomalies that may offer validation of those responses if they do recur.

If the audio clips are not working correctly, please let us know.

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    • It was interesting, for sure. And the presence of the rabbits made for an excellent opportunity to help Glimmer remember to stay focused on her job. The EMF readings… Well, we’re still not sure what caused those fluctuations. We’ve experienced odd changes like that before at that location, but as yet, we haven’t found a definite cause. I’m sure we will, though… at some point. 🙂 Thanks for visiting, bro! 🙂

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