Interview with the Wolf

In this field of research, study, and investigation that we call “paranormal”, we are sometimes approached by different media for interviews.  Every time this happens, we become more visible, which is important simply because of the nature of our work.  When people are experiencing unexplained events, the most common reaction is silence:  “Don’t talk about it, or people will think we are or I am crazy.”  So, when media finds us and asks for an interview with us, we’re always happy to oblige, because those people who are holding their silence might just be watching, listening, or reading those interviews.

Recently, author Sheila Renee Parker contacted Holly about a short interview for her blog.  Holly was happy to oblige.  The interview was conducted via email.  Yesterday, it was published.

Many thanks – again – to Sheila for taking the time to research, interview, support, and promote us and our efforts.  This work is not easy; we all make a lot of sacrifices to keep doing what we do, because we truly care about people and we want to help them understand and maybe even resolve what they’re experiencing.  No one deserves to live in a state of fear…

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