Under the Geometree

This past week, four members of the Calgary team were interviewed by Under the Geometree – a team of two men who conduct podcast interviews on topics ranging from the world of the underground, to the paranormal.  In the world of podcasts and webcasts, under their current name (UtG), they are newcomers, but after listening to their previous three podcasts, they definitely have a fantastic platform of interest that’s well worth listening to.  They certainly made us feel welcome and comfortable in their studio and throughout the duration of their interview with us.

UtG is so new that their website – which they only recently purchased – has almost no content on it.  However, they do have a comment section in place, as well as links to their previous episodes, so if you decide to check them out, make sure you let them know you were there by leaving them a nice comment.  Also, subscribe to their YouTube channel and give them a thumbs-up if you like what they’ve offered so far.

The interview UtG conducted with us was the first of what they’ve told us will be a series of future interviews with us.  We really appreciate that, and we’re all looking forward to spending time with Phil and Chess again.  They really are a great couple of guys, and their concepts, perceptions, and ideas about the world we call “paranormal” are refreshing, intriguing, and insightful. It was a real pleasure for us to talk with them.

In other, related news, a reporter from a local newspaper contacted us on Thursday to request an interview.  We don’t know, yet, whether the reporter wants to interview Holly, or the entire team. We’ll update you on this when we have more information.

Please visit Under the Geometree and let them – and us! – know what you think of their interview with us: Listen here

If you like them, you can follow UtG on Twitter, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and/or leave a comment at their website.  As mentioned above, the website is still “wet paint”,  but their comment section works just fine.

We hope you enjoy their interview with us.  Have a great day and a great weekend!


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