Sept. 7, 2015 Updates

We like to know how our clients are doing after we’ve completed an investigation.  To this end, we have added a new page to this site, called “Testimonials.”

If you are a client – or, if you just really, really like us and you want to let us know that – please click on the “Testimonials” page and follow the instructions there. Thank you!

In other news, Glimmer is almost completely recovered from her ordeal with the wounds on her neck.  Yesterday, for the first time in almost two weeks, she was finally able to wear her collar when she was taken out for her walks. While her neck has been healing, she’s had to wear her harness when she goes out for walks, and she really dislikes it. So, until yesterday, her walks were not as enjoyable for her as they normally are. Yesterday, she was like a puppy again.  It was a beautiful thing to see.  ♥

Speaking of Glimmer, she is turning 3 years old on Sept. 10 (Holy cow! That’s only 3 days from now!).  If the weather is nice, we’re going to be taking her to the dog park in Taradale so she can run off some steam, play, and just have a really good time.  If you have a dog-friendly dog and you’d like to join us, please feel free to do so!  We’ll be there from 7pm to at least 8pm. And just so you know you’re at the right place, look for some balloons tied to the fence.  😀

We are currently in the process of making arrangements for an investigation in a commercial location located a few hours out of town. If all goes as planned, we will be conducting the investigation in the second week of October.  We’ll provide more information once we have confirmation.

In the meantime, now that Glimmer is ready and able to work again, we are pushing ahead with our search for reportedly haunted locations which allow her to work indoors when the weather is inclement.  She has not worked much this year, and it’s important to our canine detection research that this changes.  The sooner, the better.  Glimmer works best when there are not a lot of other humans around to distract her, so working her after hours in occupied buildings is preferred.  Business owners are, of course, more than welcome to attend these sessions, and will be provided with any viable audio and/or video data that may be captured.

Have a great week, everyone, and thanks again to everyone who has been keeping Glimmer in thoughts and prayers and sending her healing energies. You have all made a difference!

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