Alberta Primetime News Interview

Yesterday, Stephen McLean from CBC Two – Alberta Primetime – came to my home and conducted an interview with me about Glimmer and the detection work I’ve been doing with her.  The interview took about an hour.  Afterwards, we went to a location we had decided on during our initial phone conversation, and while she worked to get herself into her working groove, Stephen quietly followed her around with his camera and filmed her.

In total, the interview time was about three hours. I have to say that it was an experience I won’t soon forget.

Stephen’s energy was absolutely fantastic – calm, assertive, relaxed – which had a tremendously positive effect on both Glimmer and me.  When he first arrived, Glimmer became extremely excited and was jumping all over the place. Without me having to tell him to, Stephen ignored Glimmer’s behavior completely, touching her only when she went into a calm sit position. The second she became excited again, he immediately ignored her.  It was amazing to watch the interaction between the two of them; he gave her calm, assertive patience while she went through the process of realizing that her jumping was unacceptable, and she gave him her full attention… and her adoration. It was beautiful to see.

The in-house interview was wonderful. It was calm, relaxed, and progressive. Stephen’s ability to make a person feel comfortable, to make one feel like their life and what they have to say is genuinely interesting, made the entire process a genuine pleasure.

When we arrived at the location where he would be filming her at work, Glimmer was much more focused than I thought she would be, considering she had a camera very close to her, at times. I can only attribute that to the calm energy coming from Stephen; she accepted everything he did with the camera without getting nervous or anxious about it. Most importantly, she did her job as though he wasn’t even there.  It was wonderful!

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr. McLean for his patience, understanding, and above all, his incredible calmness throughout the entire interview process.  It was a real pleasure, and any time he wants to film us when we’re at public locations, he is more than welcome to do so.

If or when the segment is aired, an update with a link will be posted.  Have a great day!

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