Okanagan Case #001: Preliminary Investigation, Private Residence

Date:  Jan. 23, 2016

Location:  Rutland area, Kelowna B.C.

Claims:  feeling watched; confused; tired; sad and drained; doors opening and objects falling from cupboards; awakened at night by voices and noises; odd or strange dreams; unusual behaviour of animals residing in the home.

Investigators: Robyn, Pat


Rutland is a community of approximately 35,000 residents inside the City of Kelowna. 150 years ago, the areas now known as Rutland, Black Mountain, and the Mission Valley up to Joe Rich, were known as N’Wha-quisten, meaning the “Valley of the Smoothing Stones”. Black Mountain itself was the source for rocks used make arrowheads, flints and spears. The first white settlement occurred approximately around 1858 when a wagon train came through headed for the gold fields. The sight of the oxen and wagons left and indelible impression upon the local natives, and it was to be the end of their isolation. Rumours that early white settlers discovered a buried building and artifacts that might lead suspicion that the Spanish (from California) may have been in the Rutland area at some time around 1800.

The client’s home is located in an area notorious for its share of negativity and conflict that is rooted in the past. Today, the residents and city work together to clean up the area and improve the reputation garnered by negative media coverage and past occurrences.

The Preliminary Interview

The investigators arrived at the home at approxmately 1pm to begin the preliminary interview and take baseline EMF readings.  The home is small, consisting of a main floor and basement suite. The client resides on the main floor with her dog, two cats, and a roommateate who is currently in the process of moving out. The client believes the house to be around 40 to 50 years old and original to the street.

The client informed us of her belief that the occurrences she is experiencing may have a connection to the roommate’s deceased husband, who passed away suddenly. The client reached this conclusion because most of the activity seems to involve the roommate: no previous activity was occurring prior to the roommate moving in; activity seems to be concentrated the roommate’s room; the client has had dreams where she was given a message to pass on to the roommate in the form of a “pet name”; the client’s dog growls and displays unusual behaviour toward photos of the roommate’s deceased husband; the roommate seems unable to accept the death.

The investigators were also informed of the sighting of an apparition of two people of Chinese descent clothed in burlap and huddled in a corner , as well as a shadow figure seen in the basement suite by past tenants. The investigators interviewed the current basement-suite tenants; those tenants reported no experiences.

No unusual EMF spikes were recorded. However, after hearing a few unexplained banging noises which coincided with the investigators’ prompting, a quick spirit box session was conducted, and it provided a few interesting responses – most notably, the word “Bye” when they said they were leaving.

Investigation results will be provided after the data has been fully reviewed and analyzed and the client has been informed.

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