Detection Testing Update

It’s been 8 years since Glimmer began her training in the field of ghost detection. It’s been 6 years since testing sessions have been documented. In this time, Glimmer has been involved in many different situations where she suddenly exhibited unusual behaviors that defied rational explanation. This post is an update on responses she has consistently presented.

Positive energies: Glimmer will immediately stop whatever she is doing, she becomes very calm, and she goes into a sit. Her ears move back and down in submission, her head lowers just a little, her tail becomes completely still, and she stares intently in the direction of whatever it is she’s picking up on.

Negative energies: Glimmer suddenly becomes very agitated and nervous. She pants heavily and fast, her tail drops down and between her legs, her back arches a bit, her body stiffens, and she absolutely will not go into a sitting position. She remains standing, her entire body extremely tense and ready to run. She becomes acutely focused on what she’s picking up on and is completely oblivious to everything else around her.

Unfamiliar environments with reported unusual activity: When Glimmer is brought to a new location, she is usually a bit nervous and focused on smelling everything. But once she’s had at least 20 minutes to thoroughly smell the area, she settles down and relaxes. In locations with reported unusual activity, Glimmer becomes hyper-alert and stays that way until we leave the area. Due to this high stress level, time spent in these types of locations is kept to a maximum of 30 minutes, and return visits to the area are made in order to determine if her responses are genuine detections of negative energies, or simply an unfamiliarity with the stimuli of the location.

Due to a variety of different life happenings taking place over the years, Glimmer’s progress has been intermittent. As she has matured, her sensitivities to a variety of things have changed. This is due, in part, to desensitization work with her during her fear phases. However, her reliability in responding to different energies [mentioned above] remains consistent.

I am hoping to resume testing with Glimmer in the next couple of weeks. Tests will be documented through audio and video recordings. Any unusual events or responses will be posted to our YouTube channel, and to this website’s Canine Ghost Detection page.

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