Canine Ghost Detection

It has long been documented that animals in general, and dogs, specifically, can see and hear things we living humans cannot.  However, I have found no research in which dogs have purposely been tested to determine and work with this sensitivity.  Therefore, based on the premise that dogs are sensitive, I have begun testing my dog, Glimmer, who is, as of the creation of this page (April 28, 2013), seven months old.  My goal is twofold:  First, to first determine whether or not she is sensitive to unseen energies, and second, to attempt to condition her to provide specific responses to stimuli invisible and inaudible to me.  Location names are withheld as they are irrelevant to the testing process.

This page contains links to each testing session, which includes such things as weather conditions, wind speed and direction, and etc.

Test #1     Test #2     Test #3     Test #4     Testing Defined     Specific-Response Conditioning     Test #5

Test #6     Test #7     Test #8: Cat & Fiddle     Test#9: Private Residence     Test #9: Findings     Test #10

Test #11    Test #12    more to come….