Happy (Belated) New Year!

Please forgive our tardiness in keeping everyone updated since the last posting.  Everyone was busy preparing for the holiday season, and some investigators were dealing with serious life and health issues. Thankfully, everyone is up and running again, and we’re ready to go forward.

We have a lot of new things going on that we’re really excited about.  From new locations to new team members in the BC Chapter, we are very excited to be pushing full-steam ahead.  This new year is going to be amazing…

Canine Ghost Detection research will be resuming in the spring, when the weather is warmer and the dog’s feet aren’t at risk of getting too cold.  We now have a cameraman, so testing sessions can be properly filmed and more videos for this aspect of paranormal research can be posted to our YouTube channel.

We have an investigation coming up on Jan. 17.  Unlike most of our investigations, the location is a business, and because of liability concerns, we are investigating during business hours. More information on the location will be provided after the investigation is concluded.

Thanks to all of our friends, family, subscribers, and followers for sticking with us even when we don’t post for awhile.  We really appreciate your loyalty, and we look forward to sharing all of our adventures over the course of this brand new year.  Happy 2015!  🙂

New Updates

Hello and happy weekend to everyone!  We have a couple of things to share with you, so let’s get to it.


When people contact us for help, one of the questions we ask is whether or not they have been documenting the events that are occurring in their home or business.  Nine out of ten times, the answer is no.

Logging events when they occur is very important.  Not only do those logs help us do our job much more effectively, they also help you, the client, feel like you have at least some control over the situation, and even a small sense of control can be crucial when trying to deal with intense, unexplained activity.

To this end, we are adding a section on our Investigation Request form about whether or not events have been documented.

Document events for a minimum of two weeks before submitting a request for an investigation.  Mark the date, the time of the event, and what occurred.  If there is no activity by the end of the day, note the date and time and mark “no activity”.  This kind of logging helps us do our job much more effectively as it provides us with information that can help us determine the best, most effective method of approaching the situation.  It also helps us determine which team members would be best suited for the investigation.

New Chapter

Since moving out to Lumby, BC,  one of the many things Robyn has been working on is putting together a BC chapter of this team.  If you live in the Lumby, Vernon, or Kelowna area – or in smaller areas that are still within 20 minutes of Lumby – and you’re interested in becoming a part of this growing team, please email Robyn directly at robyn@wolfparanormal.com.  Only serious applicants, please!

New Team Members:  Honoraries

Last year, we received a desperate call for help from a couple living in the Bowness area of the city.  From the first time we met with them, they have gone out of their way to help us help them, they have done everything we have asked of them – and more – and they have supported us in their business (DogCity DayCare) as well as in their personal lives.  We have investigated their home twice, now, and we are going to be investigating a third time very soon, as the nature of the activity has changed and they have asked us for help.  In fact, some of the changes mentioned in the previous post are, in part, due to their ongoing assistance and support.

With that in mind, and after having carefully considered the matter, the decision was made to make this wonderful couple honorary team members.  So, on behalf of the entire Wolf Paranormal family, I extend a very warm “Welcome!” to Janet and Karen.  🙂

Thanks to all of our followers, friends, subscribers, and clients for your ongoing and continued support of our efforts to help people and families find answers to, cope with, and resolve the unexplained events occurring in their lives.  We appreciate it more than words can ever convey.

Case #009

Date:  Aug. 30, 2014

Location:  private residence

Claims:  unexplained noises, clients’ names being called, mimicking, items being thrown, feeling watched at very close range, seeing doors opening and closing by themselves, hearing footsteps in the hall by the kitchen

Investigators:  Holly and Christine, investigator-in-training

Case Status:  open

Location Status: active

Arrival and Preliminary Interview

The investigators arrived at the home at approximately 8:15pm.  They spent some time talking with the clients – who, again, volunteered to remove themselves and their dogs for the duration of the investigation. The voice recorder was turned on and placed on the dining table. After the clients finished bringing the investigators up to date, they left with their dogs. Acting on the permission received earlier, the investigators began checking and closing all the windows to help reduce or eliminate noise contamination from outside sources such as people, traffic, and etc. After ensuring that all the windows were closed and locked, the investigators went to the dining area and began setting up their equipment.

Main Floor

Christine and Holly began the investigation in the living/dining area at approximately 9pm. The voice recorder, which was still on the dining table and still running, was moved from the dining table to the coffee table in the living area. After sorting out the lighting needs for the camera’s night-shot function, Christine took a seat at the dining table to monitor the camera, and Holly sat at the east end of the dining table to monitor the kitchen and the hallway leading to the bedrooms.

Christine was given the lead on the evp session, which lasted for just over 45 minutes. During this time, both she and Holly heard what sounded like tapping coming from the patio doors in the living area. This occurred four times, within less than two minutes. After the fourth incident, Holly went to check if anyone was on the outside balcony, and found the area empty. Because this event happened within a very short time span, Holly and Christine are questioning whether or not glass makes a similar sound to that of heating ducts during expansion or contraction when it cools. After the fourth incident, the sound did not recur.

During this session, on at least two occasions, Christine heard faint talking beside her. The voice recorder did not pick this up, so it has been noted as a personal experience. Both Christine and Holly also experienced unusual feelings ranging from sadness, to not wanting to be alone, to uneasiness. No explanation could be found for this, nor was anything found on the audio to validate these sensations. 45 minutes after beginning the evp session, the investigators decided to move the investigation to what the clients call the “Panda Room” – the spare bedroom, in which several friends of the client have reported unusual events.

The “Panda Room”

As noted on the first investigation of this home, this room is believed to be one of the areas of the home that were structurally altered to turn it from a sitting room – originally accessed from the front entrance – to a bedroom. Several friends and family members of the clients have reported various unusual events ranging from someone sitting on the bed, to hearing voices they could not identify or attribute to any external causes. The camera was placed and stabilized on the desk to eliminate contamination and to document the positions of the investigators. The voice recorder was placed on the bed for the same reason. Christine again led the evp session, which lasted for approximately 25 minutes.

During this session, the investigators noticed that outside sounds were unusually loud. Initially, they attributed this to their proximity to the street. However, when a sound was heard as if it was inside the room, the investigators were compelled to look outside… and they found the window wide open. This was very surprising, as both investigators were together when the window was closed and locked, and the curtain drawn over its mate to eliminate reflection from the curtain rod.

During the later analysis of the video footage, three unusual light anomalies were discovered, none of which could be explained. These anomalies are being noted because the video footage showed that Holly saw what she described as “lights like flashlight beams” at almost the same time as these anomalies were captured. The first light anomaly was seen on the left curtain, just above the outside pillow on the bed. The second was seen on the right curtain, just above the inside pillow. The third anomaly was seen near the middle of where both curtains met, just above the bed itself. All three anomalies occurred between the time the volume of the outside sounds were being noted, and when the discovery was made that the window was wide open. However, although she was closest to the bed, Christine did not see these anomalies. And despite the investigators moving around, the anomalies did not reappear. What has made these anomalies noteworthy is that they were very large, very bright in spite of having no accessible light source, and the only thing behind the curtains was the wall, which eliminated the possibility of light contamination from outside.

After approximately 25 minutes in the spare bedroom, the investigators decided to take a short break to debrief and to determine where the next part of the investigation would take place. The voice recorder was taken out of the spare bedroom and placed in the back bedroom, in which the clients have reported seeing their armoire open and shut by itself. The door to the room was then closed to help reduce noise contamination from the investigators as they discussed their experiences so far.

Master Bedroom

Upon returning to the investigation, the investigators entered the master bedroom, where the clients initially reported feelings of being watched, feelings of uneasiness, and recently, the floor fan being set to its lowest point and either turned off or on while they slept. During the evp session, sounds were heard by both investigators that could not be immediately explained. The investigators were of the opinion that the sounds were coming from the basement suite, so they ended the evp session – which has run for approximately 15 minutes before the unusual sounds were heard – and headed for the basement apartment.

Basement Apartment

As noted in the first investigation of this part of the home, the basement apartment is very small, and filled almost to the brim with the tenant’s belongings. This apartment was included in this investigation because the client reported that a friend was visiting, and they saw the switch on a rice cooker turn off. The friend told the client his rice was ready, but the client said he hadn’t made any; he added that the rice cooker was not even plugged in.

The only way to access the basement apartment is to leave the main house. The basement apartment is at street level. While Christine and Holly were making their way down the steps towards the street, the voice recorder was running. An unusual vocal anomaly was captured that we could not explain. It is being noted because there were no audible voices coming from anywhere at the time the anomaly was captured.

On this second investigation of the apartment, it was noted and documented by both investigators that there are a number of spiders living in the home, and there are webs, both old and new, in literally every nook, corner, and cranny of the apartment. Old webs and small dust balls hang down from the ceiling in several areas of the suite and move with the natural air current. It was also noted that at least one light fixture is hanging loose from the ceiling, exposing the wiring above, and that one of the drawer panels on a bottom drawer in the kitchenette area is missing, creating easy access to den and nesting spaces for mice and other possible creatures sharing the suite with the client.

The clients have previously stated that they think they may have mice, and that they think mice may be moving around in the floor space between the main part of the home and the basement suite. Christine and Holly agreed that in light of the conditions of the basement apartment, it was entirely possible that a mouse could have flipped the switch on the basement tenant’s rice cooker. However, they conducted an evp session that lasted for approximately 20 minutes. They also set up a flashlight during the session with the hope that if there were any entities present, they would use the object as a means of communication. There were no results either with the flashlight, or on the voice recorder.

Near the end of the evp session, Christine asked, “What type of music do you like?” The voice recorder captured a vocal anomaly that seemed to be a direct response, but neither she, Holly, nor the clients understand what’s being said. They do agree that the response sounds accented, as if English is not the main language. Holly also heard a disembodied sound, which was captured by the voice recorder. However, the vocal anomaly is too faint to present as evidence.

Main House, Back Room

After concluding the evp session in the basement apartment and ensuring the door was secured and locked, Christine and Holly returned to the main home, where they began a final evp and video session in the back room. This room contains the armoire the clients have witnessed opening and closing by itself. The investigators checked the latches on the doors of the unit and determined that they were not defective or faulty. They also tested the doors themselves, opening them and then waiting to see if they would close on their own. No reaction occurred to explain the event the clients reported.

The evp session in this room lasted only about five minutes, but during this time, both investigators clearly heard a disembodied voice. Moments later, sounds like footsteps were heard in the hallway. Christine and Holly immediately wrapped the session in this room and returned to the dining area to place the camera on the table and aim it towards the hallway. The voice recorder was placed on a counter in the kitchen, facing the hallway.

The investigators kept the camera and voice recorder rolling for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, no audio anomalies were captured, but a faint light anomaly was captured on video near the end of the session. Christine and Holly did not see this anomaly at the time it appeared. Christine did note, however, that she was experience sensations of someone or something being very close to her.

The investigation was officially wrapped at 1am. Approximately 20 minutes was given to taking care of cleaning up coffee mugs and putting away the snack tray the clients had generously provided. Then, Christine and Holly turned out the lights, locked the door, and left the home.

Michele’s Reading

Two days before conducting this second investigation, Michele, our psychic medium, provided us with a remote reading:

“I got a vision of a little girl with a night gown on. She is a white child, she has light brown hair that looks so soft. It is close to her ears and curly. Her white nightie looks home-made, which seems strange because her mom wouldn’t have made such a thing. She looks like she is from a family of wealth, however, the nightie has embroidery on it and it’s stunning. She is holding onto her teddy bear, which is dark in color with dark eyes. This also looks like it could be home-made – maybe by the same person. I see this child running away from an old big farm house with big glass windows. She looks like she is running towards some trees. I can hear a distant river and the sound of horses, dogs barking, men yelling and gun shots then nothing.

The dogs in the house sense a presence. They watch something in the hallway. Something tries to play with them. I’m not sure if it’s the little girl or not. I feel that she is attached to something in the house and not to a person. It’s like she does not know there are people there, but she does know there are dogs. She is in and out. Sometimes things will happen for a few days, and then, just as fast as they come they are gone. I also get a knocking sound in the hallway too high up on the wall for someone to be able to knock. I get a feeling it’s actually a ball being bounced – as if some one is throwing it then catching it.

Most of the sound and things happen in the hallway, but it’s not really to get attention. I feel as if the child is just repeating what she has always done. It’s like she is attached to an item or thing.”

The Findings

This second investigation provided us with quite a bit of data to review, analyze, and try to debunk. We were able to find potential causes for most of the audio and video data that was captured, but some remains unexplained.

In light of the many personal experiences both Christine and I had, and based on some of the vocal anomalies captured during this second investigation, it is our opinion at this time that this home does have unexplained events occurring, and that there may be at least one intelligent entity sharing the home with our clients. For this reason, we are continuing to keep this case open to monitor what appears to be an ongoing situation.

On behalf of Christine and myself, I would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our clients for entrusting us with their home and belongings, for helping us eliminate noise contamination by volunteering to take their dogs with them, and for their thoughtfulness and generosity in providing us with coffee and snacks during our break time, and then again during our reveal with them. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and we look forward to returning for a follow-up investigation in the very near future.

We hope to make the investigation video available to the public within the next couple of weeks. Our videographer has been sick for the past week and has been unable to work on the movie. We appreciate your understanding and patience very much.