On the Air

Hi everyone. This is a notice to let you know that Glimmer’s story is being aired tonight on CTV TWO and the series Alberta Primetime at 6pm and 11pm.  Below are the listings. Hope you can catch it – and if you do, we hope you enjoy it.  Have a great evening!

Calgary SD:  Shaw Cable Channel 13     Edmonton SD: Shaw Cable Channel 9

Bell TV: Channel 267

HD: Shaw Cable Channel 212

Shaw Direct Classic: Channel 351

Shaw Direct Advanced: Channel 23

Telus Optik TV: Channel 102 (HD), Channel 9102 (SD)

Telus Satellite TV: Channel 267

Confusion Resolved

Good Sunday to everyone.  We want to thank everyone who read and shared our previous post.  Robyn was able to obtain contact information for the other group, and we were successful at connecting with them.  It turns out that only one word separates our names: We are Wolf Paranormal Investigations; they are Wolf Paranormal Events.  We appreciate their quick response to our email and we thank them for helping us get this matter resolved quickly and efficiently.

If you live in the U.K. and you are attending, or planning to attend one of their events, please contact them directly with any questions or concerns about the venues.

Thanks, and have a great day!

We Are Canadian

Happy Friday, everyone!  Today, we have an important announcement to make and we’re hoping you’ll help us spread it by sharing it everywhere.  We are making this announcement because we have been contacted on our Facebook page and via email by someone who paid money to attend a group investigation at Shrewsbury Library in Shropshire, England…. and got stiffed.  The group running this investigation has the same name as us, and because of the aforementioned situation, we are compelled to make a few things very, very clear.

We have two chapters:  The main chapter, founded and led by Holly, is located in Calgary, Alberta.  The second chapter, headed by Robyn, is located in Lumby, British Columbia. We do not have any chapters anywhere else, nor do we have any affiliate teams in any country working under the Wolf Paranormal umbrella.  We are strictly Canadian.

We do not offer or promote events in which groups of people pay to attend investigations in public locations.

We do not offer “ride-along” investigations to anyone except the media – and then, only to public locations. We never invite or agree to the media attending an investigation at a private residence.

We would appreciate it very much if anyone with contact information for the group in England could please forward that to us so that we can open a dialogue with that group and work to find a resolution that will benefit everyone involved in the situation.  Thanks very much; have a great day and a great weekend ahead.