We’re Coming Back

It’s been a long time… Over the past couple of years, a lot has changed, and I’ve struggled to decide whether or not to keep this going or let it all go. A lot has been lost [the biggest being our website], the team has been busy with daily life… We just stalled out, and we got stuck that way. Now, we’re starting over – and we’re going to be doing things very differently from now on. You’ll still receive the thoroughness you’ve come to expect over the past 13 years – that will never change – but we’re going to be focusing more on old and abandoned locations more than private homes and operational businesses.

For the past 13 years, this team has been focused and professional during investigations – which is as it should be when dealing with clients. Although we have enjoyed this, we want you to see the fun, laid-back side of us, too. After all, we are human beings.

Over the coming days and weeks, we’re going to be focusing on rebuilding our brand and finding ways to get new and interesting content for you. This is very challenging for us because of the current covid restrictions, so we hope you’ll bear with us while we figure it all out. To kick things off, I’ll be doing audio recordings in my home again, and taking Glimmer out to places that are not highly populated – or, which are completely empty.

As of this posting, our team is back to its core group of four: me, Paul, Shae, and Megan. At this time, we are not accepting or looking for any new members.

Have a great day, and thanks for sticking with us.

Case #016: Results

Date:  Mar. 5, 2016

Location:  Private Residence, Forest Lawn area, Calgary

Investigators:  Holly, Christine, Shae, Paul, Megan, new investigator Noelle

Case Status:  Closed

Location Status:  not active


The team arrived at the location at approximately 9pm.  As had been previously discussed with the clients, the two older children were out of the home, and the husband took the youngest child out. The wife remained behind. The team split up into groups of two and three and worked in relays of 20-30 minutes each to provide a thorough investigation of the entire home. While each team was inside, the rest of the team waited outside.  Each team had a walkie-talkie in case there was a need for communication with the group waiting outside.


In the youngest child’s room, we did get some small spikes on our EMF detector near the corner of the bed that we could not replicate. However, we did not capture any audio or video to validate that. We did notice that the child plays video games – one of which is the newest Black Ops video game. This is an extremely violent and graphic game that is not suitable for children of his age. Christine, the team’s child behaviorist, suggested that such stimulation be curbed at least an hour before the child goes to bed. She also suggested doing this for a couple of weeks to see if the issues the child has been experiencing there might ease up.

In the oldest child’s room, which is in the basement, we discovered several stacks of horror movies and books. We discovered a similarity between the claims being made and the story lines in some of the books and movies.  We also discovered shadow-play occurring in the room directly opposite the bedroom, and we were able to determine that this is the cause for the claims of seeing shadows in the hallway.

In the middle child’s bedroom, we found what we can only describe as an expression of emotional conflict.  There were a variety of pictures expressing both positive and negative thought processes. For example, one picture had the quotation “Live, love, laugh” all around the frame, while a hand-drawn picture on the door showed the movie character Freddie appearing to smile as he was either killing or had already killed.  The only way we can describe this room is to say it was somewhat unsettling.  However, the middle child is a pre-teen and this type of internal conflict is normal.

At no time did we capture any kind of audio or video data to validate any of the clients’ claims.


The Forest Lawn district is one in which there have been many documented deaths. We did not capture any audio or video data to validate our clients’ experiences, but we were able to determine that most of the events being experienced by the clients can be attributed to sound traveling through the floors and walls, to the way light moves through the windows in the basement, and to the types of books and movies they are interested in.  Thus, we have deemed this case to be closed, and the location itself as “not active”.

We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to the family for inviting us into their home, for their hospitality, for their patience during our investigation, and for their very generous monetary gift.  We wish them the very best and we hope things settle down for them.